Dog School is a place where PEOPLE learn about and from DOGS. People go to Cosmetology School, Pharmacy School, Med School, Law School and many more.  We take dogs to obedience school, train them, and even teach them to be valuable service dogs. Pet Parents might buy a book about their specific breed, listen to what their vet tells them, but beyond that there is no license, no training requirement, and in many shelters, no background check before a person walks out with a dog. I found myself sitting face to face with a small puppy that I’d promised to take care of forever and I had no clue what that meant. The awesome privilege of being a Pet Parent must be recognized and two- legged persons can certainly learn endlessly from our four-legged companions.

DOG SCHOOL will feature lessons I’ve learned from my two dogs, Sadie and Rusty as well as from my sweet cockatiel Henry, who thought he was a dog. Enroll in DOG SCHOOL by reading this blog, following us on Facebook and Twitter and sharing your stories with us through CONTACT page so other Pet Parents may learn from them.


A wise little bird who truly loved life. He thought he was a dog and taught us many life lessons. I miss him every day.