Patti Lawson is a Dynamic Speaker!

As an experienced Trial Attorney, Patti Lawson has the gift of captivating not only juries, but audiences of all kinds. Patti used to get in trouble at school for talking so she channeled her gift of gab into a productive endeavor by participating in the 4H Club’s public speaking competition. Her oratorio skills were appreciated and she won several first prize ribbons. Patti studied dramatic arts in college and succeeded in debate competitions and as a member of a drama troupe. All of this experience not only make her a great speaker, but have been invaluable in her legal career.

Patti engages her audience and can speak-articulately and passionately about any number of topics. A former classroom English teacher, Patti will hold the attention of your group and effortlessly present her topic in an easy to understand and hard to forget manner. If your meeting needs a dynamic speaker, Patti Lawson should be your choice.

Guest Idea / Interview Opportunity

Patti Lawson is well versed in creating a perfect presentation for your event’s particular need. From current trends in animal law or canine legal issues, such as custody, dog bites, renting, and a myriad of other issues, she will present pertinent, useful and easy to understand topics. Patti’s talks about being a responsible pet parent, local laws most people are unaware of, travel with dogs, vet malpractice, your dog’s rights, making your local shelter better, and the world in general for all human beings, training children in dog safety, lost or stolen dogs, animal neglect and cruelty resonate with diverse audiences and animal specific ones.

Patti has a great seminar about healthy eating for you and your dog. She will introduce your group to DOGERCISE a great way to keep fit with your canine companions, our role as pet parents, protecting our fur children and any other topic you could most possibly imagine. She is also a great media commentator on any of these issues.


Contact Patti or her publicist to book her for any of these venues, events, or any meeting type imaginable:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Conference Speaker/Keynote Speaker
  • GIRLS and DOGS Party/Weekend
  • Business Meetings
  • Corporate Training and Retreats
  • Women’s Conventions
  • Dog Diet Fitness Retreat
  • Book Festivals
  • Writing Conferences
  • Law School Seminars
  • Pet Custody CLE
  • Shelter Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Spas and Resorts Special Events and Weekends
  • Dog Events and Fundraisers
If your meeting needs a dynamic speaker, Patti Lawson should be your choice!
A special note to 501(3)c rescues, dog charities, or any other animal welfare group. Skyhorse Publishing will work with you to have books available as gifts for your meeting attendees.
To schedule an interview with Patti Lawson or request a review copy and more information, please contact Patti personally through this website or her publicist on shared contact details
Patti Lawson